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Professional Patio Concrete Contractors Provider In Northern Colorado

increase the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living area. They provide a solid foundation for furniture and appliances, allowing you to bring the comforts of your living room and kitchen outside.

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 Benefits Of  Concrete Patio?

Low Maintenance

Concrete patios are easier to maintain than cut stone, pavement, clay bricks, and other types of patio surfaces. 

A defining trait of concrete patios is their solid surface. With alternative options, you end up laying multiple stones. This creates space for weeds and grass to grow in the middle of your patio surface. Individual stones or pavers can also shift with the ground and level unevenly, creating trip and fall risks.

Installing a concrete patio makes it easier for you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space instead of getting caught up in maintenance and repair.


Concrete is durable, and perfect for high-traffic, exposed areas like patios.

Working with a local contractor can ensure your patio is built to last. Different areas have different climates. Soil temperature, air moisture, and landscape are three environmental factors professional contractors consider when designing patios. 

Hugo’s Concrete proudly serves Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado community. We use our knowledge of and experience with Colorado’s unique climate to create concrete structures that look good and last long.


Patios made from natural materials like stone, brick, or tile cost more to install and maintain. The materials are more expensive than concrete, and those types of patios are more susceptible to gaps, holes, and uneven leveling. This creates a safety hazard and costs more money in the long run for updates and repairs. Concrete patios cost less money, take less time, and require less work for contractors and homeowners.

Great Value

As a versatile material, there are many ways homeowners can decorate their concrete to match their landscape and home design. Concrete stamping and staining allow you to alter the look and color of your concrete surfaces. So, instead of paying more money for bricks, stone, and tile, you could pay less to pour a concrete patio and stamp those textures into the solid surface.

Concrete Patio Services: Hugo’s Concrete transforms backyards with premium-quality concrete patios for Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont, Severance, Windsor, and surrounding Northern Colorado residents!

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