Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems Installation Service

What’s the Difference Between Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems?

At face value, sprinklers and irrigation systems are the same. They’re mechanisms that distribute water throughout your yard in a more efficient way than you manually watering with a hose. 

Sprinklers can be distributed across your landscape as separate units while an irrigation system connects all watering points by one irrigation valve. 

As a whole, sprinkler and irrigation systems are a great way to control the moisture levels in your soil. This is especially beneficial if you have a designated garden space and want to make sure your flowers and plants receive enough water.

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Step 1

Contractors will review the property and plan the sprinkler system around the current elements of your landscape design.

Step 2

Workers will dig trenches according to the layout of the sprinkler and irrigation system and connect them back to the property’s water source.

Step 3

Contractors will turn off the water source and make a point of connection for the sprinkler and irrigation system.

Step 4

Next is the zone valve installation. This allows flexibility in how you supply water to different areas of your landscape design based on unique needs.

Step 5

Workers will lay the pipes and irrigation tubing in the designated areas of the sprinkler and irrigation system plan.

Step 6

Once pipes are laid in their respective zones, contractors will connect each zone to the valve box

Step 7

Next, contractors will install sprinkler heads and above-ground irrigation tubing, connecting back to the underground system.

Step 8

Once the system is installed, your contractors will set up your timer system. This allows you to schedule your sprinklers and irrigation at times specific to each landscape zone.

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